Downeast ATV aims to provide a fun, safe experience for all riders. This being said, ATV riding is an outdoor activity with inherent risks ranging from a rain storm to bear sightings to variant terrain. ATVs are dangerous; we strongly encourage all new drivers to review Maine's ATV education guide.  Below is information to make your ATV trip the best experience possible. 

Our guides and all riders/renters are required to strictly adhere to Maine's state laws and uphold the utmost respect for private landowners, trail conditions, and wildlife at all times. 


What should I wear?

Be prepared for variable weather. There's a saying in Maine, "If you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes." Dress warm. We suggest sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, rain coat, and closed-toe shoes. We have some goggles available. 

What should I not bring?

We cover anywhere from 50 to 150 miles on a tour, so what gets lost out on the trail usually stays lost on the trail. Keep this in mind when deciding whether to bring cell phones or expensive cameras, wear earrings or your favorite hat.

Is there anywhere to eat?

There is a gas station for snacks and a restroom about 10 miles into the ride. Further along, is a charming cafe with daily local specials. You are also welcome to bring a lunch; there are several scenic spots and picnic tables to stop and enjoy. No open alcohol containers permitted in ATVs and Maine state law upholds a 0.08 blood alcohol for drivers.

Can my 16-year-old son/daughter drive?

No. All drivers must be at least 18-years-old. However, children and teenagers are welcome as passengers on the trail.

Is the tour canceled if it rains?

No. We go drizzle or shine. The only exception is consistently heavy rain or storms.

What time do we need to arrive?

Small groups (1-3 people) at least 15 minutes. Larger groups (4+ people) at least 30 minutes. All drivers are required to sign a waiver, review the features of the machine, and discuss a plan for the tour.

Can we go without a guide?

No. All of our guides are there to show you a good time on exciting approved trails. With such a complex network of trails, its important to have a knowledgable guide to ensure you can experience as much of Downeast Maine without getting lost, stranded, or spend a long night in the woods. Cellphones do not have coverage under any provider in most areas.

Do you have helmets available?

We have helmets for children and adults available complimentary. It is Maine state law that all riders under the age of 18 must wear a helmet at all times. However, drivers and riders 18 and older are not required by law to wear a helmet. We strongly encourage everyone to wear a helmet regardless, it could save a life! Like in a car, the driver is liable for all passengers safety.


I'm visiting Acadia National Park, how close are you?

An ATV trip is a great way to escape the national park crowds and enjoy the quiet backwoods, stunning mountains, and hidden ponds of Maine. We are on the way to the park just 3 miles off highway 3 in Ellsworth, ME; located just 17 miles West of the park.